E-Mail: wafhill@gmail.com

I grew up in the Eastern Townships of southern Quebec, nestled among the Appalachian Mountains. At 19 years of age, I married a Cape Bretoner and we made Nova Scotia our home.  My adventure with fine art began when I was about 12 years old and my older brother taught me to paint with oils. I instantly fell in love with everything about it!  From the feel of the paint to the smell of the turpentine.  I’ve never lost that initial excitement and love for painting.

These days, I am thrilled to be working with watercolors. I am self-taught except for the wonderfully, talented and generous people who share their knowledge online.  I have learned so much from people like Alison Fennel, Anna Mason, Bob Davies, Grant Fuller, Keith Whitelock, Krzysztof Kowalski, Patrick Ley-Greaves, Proko, Realistic art, Peter Sheeler and Steve Mitchell.

There are many, many subjects I enjoy painting but some of my favorites are historic buildings, dogs and people, especially their eyes! There are so many colors in a person’s eyes and transparent watercolors are a perfect way to capture all of them.

I am a member of the Artists Circle of the Annapolis Valley. You can enjoy my works of art at the Art Shack in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia.