E-Mail:  steven.coffin@gmail.com  Phone:  902-375-2515

When asked, Steve describes himself as a “Hobbyist” as opposed to an artist.   He experiments with different mediums and feels that his work is evolving.  He hopes one day to finally find the voice to express how he feels about the world around him.

He likes to draw, and while working in Dartmouth began taking lessons through the city recreation.  Pencils and charcoal led him to experimenting with soft pastels and coloured pencils.  He began to work with acrylics, taking lessons with the Jane Schlosberg of the Dartmouth Art Students League, and with various artists through NSCAD’s Extended Studies programs.  Since moving to Berwick, he has been taking classes with Twila Robar-DeCoste, continuing to work with acrylics, experimenting with pen and ink, and with watercolour.

Steve joined the Artist’s Circle in the spring of 2016, and his evolution continues.