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My husband, Bruce and I have been living in the Annapolis Valley for 26 years and thoroughly love the East Coast.  We have one daughter who lives in Ontario with her hubby, and our two wonderful grandchildren.  Throughout my life, I have always had this “creative drive”, whether it be drawing, crocheting, making cards, gifts and various other crafts. However, ever since I can remember, art in the form of painting was a passion I wanted to explore!!!

Judy Carpenter 3

One day several years ago, I thought it was time to start pursuing my passion for the arts.  Painting…a way to rest, relax and be able to go into my own little world and put whatever came to mind on the canvas excited me.

I had no experience, no classes….so I bought a few books, art supplies, watched videos while sitting at the table on weekends to see what I could create….oils became my preference.  I find painting with oils gives me energy and free movement and allows me to have the delicate brush strokes which provide a very calming effect. Oils are still my primary joy, but I have now added the world of acrylics to my painting experience.

My work has been displayed in various venues and I have received ribbons for my work as well.  Now that I am retired, I look forward to the freedom of painting frequently, attending workshops and being more involved in the arts.