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My husband, Bruce and I have been living in the Annapolis Valley for 23 years and thoroughly love the East Coast.  He has been retired from the military for fourteen years and enjoying every minute. His favorite past time is golf!!  I have been working with the Military Police as their Administrator for the past 25 years.  We have one daughter (son-in-law) and two grandchildren, seven and nine, who reside in Barrie Ontario.

Throughout my life, I have always had this “creative drive”, whether it be drawing, crocheting, making various crafts and the list goes on. However, ever since I can remember, art in the form of painting has been a passion I wanted to explore!!!

One day about seven years ago, I thought I needed a venue for my overload of stress.  So, I thought why not try painting…a way to get rest, relaxation and be able to go into my own little world and put whatever came to mind on the canvas!

Where to start….no experience, no classes….so I bought a few books and art supplies, and sat at the table on weekends to see what I could create….when I tried oils I felt I was content.  I find painting with oils gives me energy and free movement and allows me to have the delicate brush strokes which provides a very calming effect. Working full time I have only been painting off and on throughout the past few years.  However, I have come a long way since the beginning.  I am retiring in October 2016 and am looking forward to the freedom I will have, more time to paint while expanding my knowledge and learning more about how to create pictures on canvas that lasts and can be shared by all.